Tuesday, 11 November 2014


Marta Marques and Paulo Almeida's brand is one of the freshest, vibrant and most exciting to be born out of the independent fashion platform that is London. Alongside others; Simone Rocha, Ashley Williams and Ryan Lo. Marques Almeida in particular, holds an aesthetic which I empathize with. It's embodying youth; specifically that era at the turn of the century, that time in which I was too young to be that girl, but nevertheless frayed denim, shapeless leather and see through coloured chiffon was a thing, and a cool thing at that. Marques Almeida is my chance to live out that visual dream.

I waited impatiently to merely view the collection for Topshop. Newly independent and finding myself funding travel cards, super unleaded and my sushi (white wine) obession, I couldn't even dream of forking out north of £60 for a top. But I thought it was beautiful. My favourites were the lavender silk two piece, black leather blazer, long sleeved sheer silk tops, fluffy bags... pretty much, if I could've only worn Marques Almeida x Topshop until the new year I'd of been game. However this morning, to my surprise (and short lived ecstasy) Topshop e-mailed to tell me that the collection is now running with 30% off. I'm pretty sure if it was doing half as well as say..... Alexander Wang for H&M,  there'd be no need for such promotional sales. Quite clearly, the majority of girls who shop in Topshop aren't responding to the Marques Almeida vibe like I do. The only explanation for this near enough FAIL, is that these girls are too basic, too uneducated on high end designers, and sadly, Marques Almeida is too cool, too niche, for the high street. Take a look at the recent 'Wang effect' cast upon these simpletons. Because I'm baffled as to why any fan of Wang, or fashion for that matter, would buy into a collection which expresses little to no talent alike that embodied through his work for Balenciaga or his own label. I think the collection has commercialised and sensationalised his character as a brand, and where exclusivity, authenticity and integrity is concerned; this cannot be good.

Yet whilst Marques Almeida x Topshop has failed to enthral and engage consumers on a grand scale, their name remains untainted in my eyes. I'd rather be part of something lesser known or lesser loved, than something every other girl's slipped into. 

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