Tuesday, 28 October 2014


When I was younger I'd watch my mum getting ready to go out for the evening, and find baffling how she always wore black dresses. I remember silently promising to myself that I wouldn't end up like this. I didn't understand why anyone lucky enough to be adult and out in the evening would choose the dull and dim over the playful and bright....fuschias, scarletts and even whites seemed a hundred times more appealing. Fast forward to nearly two years ago, and my New Year's Resolution was to buy less black. That one was outlived even by the yearly 'Eat Less'. As dear old Yohji famously said 'Black is modest and arrogant at the same time. Black is lazy and easy - but mysterious. But above all black says this - 'I don't bother you, you don't bother me'. Today, I have truly succumbed to the seduction of Black; my ankle length duster and cigarette pants are favourites.

1. Girls and boys: show flesh. 
When dressing in 100% black attire, you need to break it up. Rather than adding a dash of colour which can often come across as tacky and actually defeats the object, reveal a strip of midriff, a hint of cleavage, or a sexy chunk of ankle.

2. Mix up those shapes.
Of course some guys and gals can pull off maxi-maxi black or 'black outfit so skin-tight it resembles a gimp suit', however to play it safe and cool, a mixture of skinny and loose silhouettes always works best. Try the classic skinny trousers and maxi coat combo.

3. Also, mix up textures.
Head to toe black isn't as restricting as many may think. Ladies layer lacy pieces under silky pieces and lads layer denim with cotton with leather.

4.  Girls: do NOT wear white underwear.
Aside from ruining the whole illusion in which you're trying to create, it's just tacky.

5. Boys: you CAN wear white socks!!
Okay so for years, my pet hate was those boys who wear white socks with black trousers/shoes, but with style, intelligence and wit this can be cool. White tees are allowed too - just look at Matty Healy....

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