Sunday, 19 October 2014


This page is not a blog. Well it's technically a blog, but I am NOT a blogger. And more so, I am NOT  a fashion blogger. The phrase 'fashion blogger' or even worse the hashtag '#fbloggers' raises metaphorical bile in my throat. This kind of thing turns me into a sarcastic, skeptical, bitchy loser/ misanthropist, which is probably just as cliched as the idea of a self-made, money earning blogger in the first place. However I AM a fashion journalism student. How, and Why you may ask can I hate this revolutionary medium of fashion reportage in this internet driven era? Well, first I will express great appreciation for the pioneers of fashion blogging; Susie Lau and Bryan Yambao (yes, they have real surnames) two of my favourites, the former for her truly solidified writing skills, and the latter for his wit and irony and well, his tweets. Then there is fashion know-all Derek Blasberg of course, Mallory Llewellyn and Tallulah Willis' 'Brain Babies' at The Clothing Coven and furthermore Tavi Gevinson, who is obviously an example of intelligent, well-thought out and socially political blogging. I also love Bip Ling's blog, but in a rather more aesthetic sense. I'm sure there are plenty more 'bloggers' who write really well, however I don't often find these as I have to wade through tons of narcissism, self indulgence and outright stupidity before I find these gems. Yes, Narcissism exists predominantly in #fashionblogging. Having your mum take photographs of your  daily outfits and posting them to your blog, with a little paragraph about why you're wearing this particular pastel pink concoction doesn't require any research, particularly eloquent or sophisticated text, or much intelligence for that matter. Worse off, are those 'shopping haul' youtube videos, where you will proceed to reel off every item you bought on your last visit to Topshop. Unless you're Miroslova Duma, Olivia Palermo, Alexa Chung or someone to that nature, no body is likely to be very interested in your latest 'outfit du jour', except perhaps your nan. Do you even speak French anyhow? As for self indulgence; if you feel the need to document those particularly 'slaying' outfits (yes, I'm sure most of us do) there are Polaroid cameras and crafty instagram shots a plenty.

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