Thursday, 19 February 2015


It's been announced that Nasty Gal is going to stock Dyspnea! For anyone unfamiliar with the brand, it's aussie based and favoured by cool girls from down under such as how two live or shelby a.k.a the sugar fawn. Kicked off by a trio of grads who started designing at the weekends for friends and friends of friends, the brand's created collections with names such as 'Reptilia' and 'Paralysis'. According to the girls at Dyspnea the 'the quintessential Dyspet is the lovechild of Rihanna and Noel Fielding, Beyonce and Russel Brand'.

Their internet presence is just as sparkling as the garments undoubtedly are IRL. For their Paris Teaser clip,Vanessa from the haute pursuit wears a glittering, pom pom lined two piece whilst A$AP Rocky's Fashion Killa plays in the background. Mega babe Newsha Syeh models fairy tale outfits outside a candy coloured bungalow for SS15 and the brand blog features long dreamy posts about the glam travels of the Dyspnea gals. Jealous AF.

As for the clothes, 'Dyspnea' is the noun for difficult or laboured breathing, and the pieces are if anything, breath-taking. Either that or you'll experience a full on fash-gasm. These are glittery crop tops and fluff-lined sheer sweaters unlike anything you've seen in your wildest dreams.... think the sugar plum fairy on acid. But in Paris, being totally chill. Because whilst the garms are full on flashy, they've still got a certain fiesty-feel, a kick that renders them 'cool'. Pretty much the kind of stuff any #GirlBoss would want to wear. Just with a huge helping of sugar, spice and all things nice.

all pics are from dyspnea's website

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