Sunday, 11 January 2015


1. Agi & Sam's jumper of dreams 
This delightful saffron jumper from Agi & Sam's AW15 exploration of childhood, drawn from Agi's 4 year- old collection - 'Coolman Collection', and inspired directly by conversations with primary school kids. I'd buy this jumper for my (non-existent) boyfriend, but I'm sure it'd spend more time at my place than his.

2. Sibling's pink do's
When it comes to pink hair, most of us ladies have been there done that, but in a time of gender blurring beauty, it's time to pass the dye to the boys. Lads - follow Sibling's lead and comb a sugary shade through your hair to top off a macho outfit. Or like Sibling AW15, go the whole mile with bright pink knitwear. There's no better time than now.

3. Christopher Shannon's slogan of the season
Continuing on from last season's cigarette packets, Shannon's slogan jumpers comment playfully and satirically on the life of a young designer, or perhaps the hopelessness felt by the young as a whole. Another jumper to steal from the boyfriend, brother, (or anyone really!!)

4. J.W.Anderson's poppies
JW Anderson's latest gender bending offering is perhaps the loveliest. Aside from the fantastic shearling coats, the metal poppies adorning some of the garments we're by far the prettiest. Brooches, embellishments, buttons? Who cares, I want a dress covered in them please Mr Anderson. 


5. Xander Zhou's mohicans 
How crazy is this jacket by Xander Zhou?? As a lover of both leather and fur this excites me plenty!

6. Burberry's 'classic bohemia'
I often think Christopher Bailey's work for Burberry can be a bit tame, but this season he's served up a collection which is vintage-inspired yet super fresh. It's something I can imagine normal guys actually wearing (the rare ones with a sense of style). I love the cords, the layering and most importantly the prints. From paisely to leopard print. I can't resist a guy in leopard print. 

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