Monday, 22 December 2014


After a year of being indoctrinated with 'normcore', and quite happily revelling in how chic minimal really is, I'm finding myself ache for something a bit more youthful and fun. Perhaps it's studying sixties fashion..... (the metallics, the candy colours, the glitter go-go boots!!) or my current obsession with all things fluff, but I'm craving the quirk and frivolity of dressing, dare I say it: girly. Shock horror yes, because quite frankly, dressing like a girl isn't particularly cool. And ashamedly, 'cool' is something I will always desire.

Rather than explain myself.... because well, it's Christmas and I'm lazy, I've put together my arguments FOR dressing girly next spring in the form of cool girls, designer SS15 collections and a polyvore set I spent HOURS creating.


1. Ashley Williams SS15
'Cheeky', 'schoolgirl'.....'skater graphics'. Some words pulled from Dazed report of William's first solo show which pretty much sum up my whole point. Clear proof that you don't have to shy away from pink glitter, cutesy scribbles and retro stilettos in order to stay edgy.

2. Taylor Swift
Admittedly not the biggest fan of this missy, however she has scored covers for Vogue, Wonderland and - would you believe it - Time this year. She's definitely the epitome of sugary sweet girlishness, yet she's done pretty damn well for herself this year.

3. Shrimps SS15
Possibly the cutest, coolest and non-animal-slaughtering brand around right now? Shrimps SS15 shows us how to wear coloured fur without looking cheap, leopard print without looking trashy and pjs without looking like a slob! 

3. Advanced Style
2014- the year Advanced Style was released and in my eyes, the year of the granny. Aside from all the fabulously funky ladies featured on Ari Seth Cohens amazing blog, if anyone wants a lesson in doing girly the chic way, there's plenty more ladies choose from as style icons - Iris Apfel, Linda Rodin, Daphne Selfe......

4. Phoebe Lettice 
I'm pretty sure Illustrated People's new Creative Director is one of the coolest people around. Well really, who else could wear a pink playboy two piece and still look fierce? An entire leopard print getup (on more than one occasion mind) and appear in no way tacky? Design a sell-out range of kawaii print garms? Flirt on the telly and be in no way annoying? 

5. Suki Waterhouse, Simone Rocha, Charli XCX, Funky Offish, Antipodium, Skinny Dip, metallics, animal prints, fluff, pom-poms, flat shoes, sixties styles, Grimes, vintage sportswear, glitter, retro shades, coloured ankle socks, fur, citrus colours, 

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