Sunday, 9 February 2014

New 'IT' item

Something which is platitudious to the modern 'fashion blogger' is the wearing of 'it' items, see for floods of examples. The slogan tee of course pops up every season, and I predict that the latest attempt at cult status, this 'more issues than vogue' t-shirt will be worn by many.

Personally, I don't see why any young girl would want to label herself to the world as having 'issues'. Perhaps I take this t-shirt far more seriously than I am sure it was intended but regardless, it seems to me, that we live in a time where people seem to find it easier to  relent to the stress and loneliness of being young. I don't deny for one moment that being young, or alive even, is horrific at times, but why is it seen as being so romantic, and trendy to not be able to cope? Depression and other personal issues are glamourized. Being miserable doesn't make you hot or mysterious. It doesn't make you fearless for telling everyone you are. What I believe is far more attractive, is to keep your personal issues private, to combat your stress in a healthy way, and carry on working hard. To be straight forward and ask for what you want. I'm sure our grandparents didn't wallow in self pity, drink themselves half-happy, and whine about their 'issues'. Their attitudes were admirable - if you want something, work for it. Make do and mend. Speak to people, face to face. Eat your greens and excersise. It was all very simple. We've just complicated it.

It's not cool to be depressed or stressed or lonely. And reading Vogue doesn't make you trendy.

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